Welcome to Full Moon Patrol

You have been invited on a journey to align your health with the health of the planet – connecting what you do for yourself with supporting organisations at the frontlines of anti-poaching operations and conservation.

One Invite - One Action - One Ranger - One Hectare...AT A TIME

What did you set out to do, for you, in 2023?

Better manage your stress and mental well-being?

Improve your fitness?

Eat better?

Read more?

Learn a new language?

Connect with your family or friends more?

Have you been successful – or did life get in the way – again?

Join us, and hundreds of others, on Full Moon Patrol and transform a daily action into a firm habit before the year is out.

Sign up for R300 and commit to doing one daily action of your choice for as many days of the lunar month as you can, joining the patrol to a new and better you. 

The campaign name and lunar theme come from the increase in rhino poaching activity when the moonlight is brighter – and is in part a symbolic show of support to the rhino Anti-Poaching Units (APU) whose lives follow the lunar calendar.

But Full Moon Patrol is much more than symbolic.

50% of your patrol registration fee is allocated to frontline anti-poaching and socio-economic initiatives. You will learn about these on your Full Moon Patrol and be directly connected with the specific initiatives your Impact Tree is supporting.


raised through the Full Moon Patrol campaign so far!

So what happens once you sign up?

Clearly define a small, achievable daily action that aligns with the habit you want to develop during the Full Moon Patrol. Print out your tracker to record your progress. Stick it up somewhere you look at often each day – like on your fridge or above your desk.

Invite friends, family or colleagues to join you on patrol to build these habits, share the experience, give you a push when needed and a high five to celebrate when you complete your journey. Read more about the Power of 3 here, each accepted invite represents a new branch on your Impact Tree. Log in to your profile to see how many branches you have grown and watch your tree grow as these people invite their friends too.

The patrol starts on the full moon of 30 October, the earlier you start and the more consistent you are – the more you will FEEL the benefits. So join the patrol NOW. Full Moon Patrol is just the beginning, sign up to make sure you end 2023 on the right track.

Go on a journey behind the scenes of conservation and build a deep motivational foundation for your patrol through an online presentation by wildlife vet, rhino protector and conservation visionary, Dr William Fowlds. Keep up to date with where your sign up fee is used in future.

Are you ready to change your world?

Ideas For Your Patrol

You choose the habit you want to develop and define the action you will do every day.


  • Short, easy to follow meditation and breathing classes
  • Limiting access to phone and/or social media
  • Morning ritual


  • Daily exercise – walk, run, ride, swim
  • Mobility and Yoga classes


  • Abstaining – remove sugar, alcohol and/ or caffeine from your diet
  • Increasing – add fruit, vegetables, water and fibre to your diet

Climb The Good Tree With The Power Of 3

Woforo dua Paa means “It is when you climb the good tree that others give you a push”.

The people working on the front lines of anti-poaching are climbing the good tree. When you commit to doing a daily action, you are climbing a good tree of your own. When you invite people to join you on Full Moon Patrol, they will join you on the climb, join you in giving the people on the front line a push, AND you will be there to give each other a push.

When you sign up you are taking action. When you invite others to join you, you are initiating momentum. Momentum drives personal success and impact on the frontlines of conservation.

To help you succeed, we have a rewards model with our Brands That Care partners. If you can create this momentum within 3 days of registering, your rewards increase.

The Power of 3 releases the powerful potential of communities connecting and collaborating for people and the planet.


Your Full Moon Patrol Success Pack

What you get:

  • A unique invite link to build your Success Crew, and earn rewards. There are rewards for being on patrol and rewards for building your crew.
  • Full Moon Patrol tracker to print out and stick on your fridge door.
  • Tips on the fundamentals of successful habit development, and ideas for actions and habits to apply the fundamentals to.
  • Classes to follow during your patrol.

Full Moon Patrol IS going to Change Your World

You are going to FEEL the impact of small consistent steps that add up to tangible change in your life. Building long term good habits is an incomparable motivator.

To do is to feel, to feel is to know…

The impact of your Full Moon patrol journey in the real world will be to:

  • Fund the operational costs and training of rangers
  • Install satellite trackers and artificial learning systems on reserves to help the anti-poaching units on the frontlines
  • Build and equip computer labs, providing digital access to reserve communities
  • Support the Connected Corridors of Conservation, re-wilding and biodiversity restoration project led by the Conservation Landscapes Institute

All because you stepped up to take action and used the Power of 3 to make a bigger impact.

Operational Partners

The Be Moved Collective is proud to be collaborating with and supporting the incredible people doing such important work at these front line conservation organisations