Full Moon Patrol: Learn More

The Full Moon Patrol is a collection of small steps taken daily to create a better future for our planet, to inspire and motivate your desire to make your own tomorrow a little better.

How Do I Pick My Patrol?

We know that it can be overwhelming to think about making a difference… to your health, your community, to the planet. There is so much to do, it can feel daunting to figure out where to start. The solution to this is to start with small achievable steps to take action, today. Small steps, taken consistently, cumulate into results!

So take your big dream or goal and break it down to a simple starting action that you can do daily. With consistency, you will be on your way to reach your dream or goal.

Once you’ve made the decision to ACT, to join the patrol, then follow these steps:

  1. Choose what is important to YOU
  2. Choose an action that is achievable – not too easy but not too big and scary
  3. Define the action clearly so you can tick it off daily

When you have your daily task, and have signed up for the patrol, you’re all set.


How Do I Build My Team And Stay Connected To My Patrol?

In order to stay connected to your goal and keep motivated, it’s fundamental to have a team around you to support each other and keep each other accountable.

When you sign up, you’ll receive a unique link to share and build your success squad. You will invite friends, family or colleagues to join you to build these habits using your link – to share the experience, to give you a push when needed and a high five to celebrate.

We will track your successful invites through your unique link, they will be your success squad. You will be on a shared journey of personal change and involvement in conservation.

When you build your squad, you are building a foundation of success for your habit. If you succeed, the Full Moon Patrol succeeds and together we will all have changed the world around us.

How Do I Stay Motivated To Stick On Patrol?

Forming a habit is hard work and staying committed can be challenging, especially when life gets busy. However, the aim is to be motivated to continue the patrol not only because it’s good for you but also because you are making an impact on the world by participating. As you go through your patrol, you’ll be learning about the projects that you are finding through your participation. We hope you’ll be moved by what you learn and connected to your goal because of it.

Connecting is the most fundamental element of wellness and the one most valuable for your success in building sustainable habits.

In preparation for the patrol, you will learn and apply the fundamental principles of successful habit development.

We also hope that you’ll stay motivated by being supported by your success squad, which is why it’s so important that you create your community by inviting as many people as possible to join you on this journey. The more people join the patrol, connecting deeper with their planet and with the people taking action for it – the deeper the awareness of the cause and the value of collective action.

When you build your squad, you are increasing the financial impact that the Full Moon Patrol makes on the frontlines of conservation. The bigger that impact, the prouder we can all feel. This will help us to bring in corporate social investment to support the vision of a better future for our planet – which will increase the financial impact of your initial decision to take action even more.

When you connect with your patrol and your success squad, you are taking action for a better future where people and planet can thrive together.

Ready to sign up, you can do so here.

Do I Have To Track My Patrol?

We encourage you to use your provided goal tracker, stick it on the fridge and fill it out each day to ensure that you track your progress. Even better, share your progress with your squad, and send photos of your tracker or of your goal in action so that you can show your habit-building success.

Action is in the real world, and so is your goal tracker. It should be front and centre where you can see it daily and be encouraged to stick with it.

We also encourage you to regularly meet up in person and online with your success squad to keep yourself accountable and motivate each other to keep on patrol.

How Is Doing A Simple Daily Action Connected To Big Planet Issues?

Dr William Fowlds is a wildlife vet in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, who has been intimately and intensively involved in the fight against rhino poaching.

Undeterred by seemingly insurmountable odds, he inspires so many people in his selfless quest to save these prehistoric creatures. A conservation visionary, he places the rhino at the centre of a vision to take the region’s conservation success story forward for the next 30 years.

But just like you his work impacts other areas of his life – like his annual resolution to get fit and active. Watch his story and invitation to join him as he takes steps to align his own health with his passion for the health of the natural world around him.

What Is The Power Of 3?

The Power of 3 releases the potential of communities connecting and collaborating for people and the planet. Essentially, it’s a model of exponential growth. When you sign up to become a Full Moon Patrol ranger, you invite at least 3 people to join you on the journey, those people then invite 3 people of their own and so on and so on.

We are rewarding those who get 3 people in their network to sign up within 3 days with extra discount and reward vouchers.

So are you ready to sign up and get your success squad together?